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Calibration Certificate
This calibration certificate gives an overview of the results obtained during the calibration.

Fluid no:
The fluid position in the instrument where the calibrated fluid is available.

Calibration by comparison:
The device under test has been compared with a calibration standard.

Calibration date:
Date of the calibration.
The traceability of a calibration

VSL is the National Metrology Institute of The Netherlands. VSL maintains and develops the Dutch measurement standards.

Bronkhorst Calibration Laboratory (BCL):
BCL maintains the measurement standards of Bronkhorst, which are calibrated by VSL.

Bronkhorst Production:
The calibration standards used in Bronkhorst's production process are calibrated by BCL.
The calibrated instrument.

Is it a Flow meter or flow controller.

Serial number:
Serial number or order number.

Model number:
Type of instrument (customer model or Bronkhorst model).

Rated accuracy*:
The accuracy of this instrument specified under calibration conditions.
Calibration Standard:
The calibration standard wich is used during the calibration (example: Piston Prover, Rotor Meter, Turbine Meter, Reference Meter, etc.)

The calibration device wich is used during the calibration, in this example a piston prover.

Serial number:
Serial number of the calibration device.

Certificate no.:
The certificate of the calibration device, which certifies the validity of the calibration standard

The reported uncertainty of measurement is based on the standard uncertainty multiplied by a coverage factor k=2.
Customer conditions
Fluid and conditions as indicated by customer.

The fluid (specified by customer)

The flow range (specified by customer)

The pressure (specified by customer)

The temperature (specified by customer).
Calibration conditions
The calibration conditions shows under which conditions the instrument is calibrated.

The calibration fluid.

The calibration flow range. ( Equivalent flow: calibrated flow equivalent to customer flow)

The calibration pressure.

The temperature during the calibration.

Atm. Pressure:
The atmospheric pressure during the calibration.
Calibration and Conversion Results

Calibration point

Calibrated flow AiR:
Fluid and flow point used during calibration.

Conversion factor:
A calculation from the reference gas flow rate to customer flow rate.

Customer flow** AiR:
The flow range (ordered by customer) converted from the calibrated flow (see:**)

Output signal:
The output signal flow range (ordered by customer) corresponding to the customer flow.
The analog signal is calculated based on the digital signal.

Calculation Customer Flow:
Calibrated flow • Conversion Factor
Measurement uncertainty of the calibrated flow AiR:
Total measurement uncertainty of the calibrated flow, including the calibration standard and the measurement setup.

Measured deviation:
Maximum measured deviation between the reference flow and the flow indicated by the calibrated instrument over the entire calibrated flow range.
The person who did the calibration.

Date: The date when the certificate was checked.

QC: Quality check by authorized person