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Inherent to its construction, thermal Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases are sensitive to contamination. To increase the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) it is important to make sure that the gas entering the instrument is clean. The COMBI-FLOW filter provides this service. The filter element can be replaced without removing the base from the pipe.


  • SS 316L sintered metal filters, for general purpose filtration
  • Cartridges may be cleaned with suitable solvent
  • In case of severe particle content in gas use pre-filter
  • In principle select finest porosity with low ΔP; preferably ΔP not higher than 250 to 500 mbar, and porosity not bigger than 5 mm.
  • On request: PVDF fine filters for ultra-clean filtering

Available models

Model no.  平均気孔率
M1-AB 0.5 10 bar
M1-AC 2.0 10 bar
M1-AD 7.0 10 bar
M1-AE 15.0 10 bar

M1 COMBI-FLOW filter
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